2018-19 Executives and Officers

As a CIO, UVA’s Japan Club is completely student run and governed. The executive board and officers work together with other organizations as well as professors and faculty in order to host educational and fun events for the community. Elections are held yearly to ensure that Japan Club has the most dedicated members in leadership positions.



From left to right: Carl Zhang, Thu Tran, Brian Hong, Hua Uehara

President – Thu Tran

Vice President – Carl Zhang

Treasurer – Hua Uehara

Secretary – Brian Hong


Left to right, top to bottom: Yunzhe Wu, Arian Azizi, Yasuhiro Sun, Joseph Lu, Kolleen Metzger, Marina Kun

Family 1 Heads – Yunzhe “Anna” Wu, Kolleen Metzger, Yasuhiro Sun

Family 2 Heads – Arian Azizi, Joseph Lu, Marina Kun

Academic Chairs


Academic Chairs (left to right) – Victor Yang, Annie Khuu, Dylan Cooper

Culture Chairs


Culture Chairs (left to right) – Julia Treubert, Amy Omps, Chelsea Wells

Publicity Chairs

Publicity Chair

Publicity Chairs (left to right) – Lada Semicheva, Amber Liu

Fundraising Chairs


Fundraising Chairs (left to right) – Jennifer Vo, Noor Ifa

Culinary Chair


Culinary Chair – Sophia Nies

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